Youth volunteers accompany candidates during exam seasons - Báo Ấp Bắc điện tử
Thứ Năm, 14/06/2018, 19:27 (GMT+7)

Youth volunteers accompany candidates during exam seasons

ABO/NDO – For a long time, the blue shirts of youth volunteers have become a fond presence for exam candidates when the annual national college entrance exam arrives.

Never shy of hard work, each volunteer covers a specific job, such as volunteering to be a motorbike taxi driver, finding cheap accommodation for candidates and their relatives to stay during the exam, guiding contestants to handle paper work, or regulating traffic. They accompany students and their family members from the start to the end of the exam.

When the exam season comes, tens of thousands of volunteers again flock to train and bus stations and exam venues to support candidates and family members.

Youth volunteers provide information about exam venues as soon as contestants arrive to the cities to sit their exams.

Free trips to lodgings or exam sites are carefully operated by the volunteers.

Volunteers join the police to regulate traffic and avoid congestion.

Contestants can be assured that their luggage is in safe hands being cared for by volunteers.

Thousands of free meals are prepared for contestants and their accompanying family members.

(Source: NDO)

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