Microsoft builds AI-powered cloud supercomputer

This computer will be virtual in a way because it will only run in the Microsoft cloud. He should also learn to program on his own.

It will be one of the five most powerful computers in the world, completely… virtual. It will be used to translate in real time or even to write computer programs. The announcement was made at Microsoft’s international developer conference, Build 2020, which this year is being held entirely on video due to the outbreak.

This supercomputer is expected to be one of the biggest computer calculators on the planet. Micrososft explains that it will have 285,000 processor cores (while a personal computer has less than ten) and 10,000 ultra-fast graphics processors. And the peculiarity of this monster of power is that it will be in a way virtual, since it will work entirely in Microsoft’s Azure cloud. Its power will be distributed across multiple data centers around the world instead of being in one place as a single machine.

Simultaneous translation and consumer applications

This machine entirely dedicated to artificial intelligence will be used, for example, for the recognition of human language in order to develop automatic translation applications in videoconferencing systems. He should also learn to program on his own, from the computer code available on the professional GitHub platform, in order to be able to generate computer applications.

This supercomputer was created as part of the Open AI project, an initiative of Elon Musk, the boss of Tesla and Space X, to develop consumer artificial intelligence applications, in which Microsoft has invested $ 1 billion. . The company wants it to be a desktop PC with very powerful basic functions then allowing companies to develop more specific applications.

All this is part of a fierce international competition, in the field of artificial intelligence, between the giants Microsoft, Google and IBM, in particular.

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