The facial recognition of a smartphone and the wearing of the mask are hardly compatible

Mask and smartphone, this is a problem that arises for some owners of mobile phones. Difficulty unlocking your smartphone by facial recognition if you have a mask on your face. This mainly concerns owners of recent iPhones since, since 2017, there is no longer a fingerprint sensor (Touch ID) but only a facial recognition system (Face ID). However, to work, Face ID needs to see your eyes, but also your nose and your mouth. So if you wear a mask it doesn’t work. You might think that it is enough to show a photo of his face, for example, printed on a mask. But it can’t work because Face ID uses a 3D sensor that analyzes the relief of your face. Chinese researcher at Tencent thinks he has found a solution, a kind of hack, which involves recording your face on the iPhone by wearing a half-mask on one side only, at the bottom of the face. I tried. It doesn’t really work.

There is a solution that really works. It was an American from San Francisco who had the idea: you have to mold a mask with the shape of your face. And there it works ! The problem is, you have to find a way to make yourself a mask in relief with the shape of your face.

Otherwise, you can simply use the code of your phone

Today the codes have six digits, it is long. Sometimes you have to start over several times. The best solution is undoubtedly to temporarily deactivate facial recognition and protection by secret code, but be careful, you must not forget to put it back on afterwards for security reasons. That said, Apple seems to be going back to the fingerprint sensor, like on the new iPhone SE released this week.

Some smartphones from other brands, like the Samsung Galaxy, have both a facial recognition system and a fingerprint sensor, so no problem, just use it instead.

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