“The ‘post-Covid’ era will need digital technology” according to Cisco

Techno advice. With confinement, digital tools are used extensively. Perhaps now is the time to think about cleaning up the passwords that we use every day.

With confinement, the use of digital technology is exploding and data traffic on the Internet is booming. What practical consequences to this phenomenon? Qhat is this likely to change in the future?

franceinfo: since the start of containment, digital traffic has increased by 70%. Will the Internet hold up?

Laurent Degré, President France of Cisco, world leader in computer network equipment : It is clear that, yes, the Internet holds the load. That’s because it’s not just pipes, but there’s also intelligence, optimization mechanisms, routing and redundancy mechanisms, and a lot of engineering done by operators. These networks are built to cope with peaks of traffic according to certain hours, on the various world plates and, in fact, one realizes that these peaks, which have been anticipated, are gradually becoming the nominal level.

Digital technology has taken on a very important place in recent days, allowing a certain economic activity to be maintained. What will the “post-Covid” look like?

There are several options. We realize that digital is not just a story of competitiveness and improvement of customer satisfaction, but a critical element. This is critical in organizational processes, in the supply chain, but also in the health sector or in education.

I think the post-Covid will make us achieve all of this and allow us to accelerate. I believe this is an opportunity. I call on the government and business leaders to accelerate the digital transition in order to face this economic crisis and regain competitiveness. And also to guard against this kind of situation in the future.

Is this crisis doing business for companies like Cisco?

Our first reaction to all of this is already to contribute and equip as much as we can those who need it. We have been doing it for free for three months on a lot of solutions. It is important because we need to be of service and we cannot make masks or respirators.

Beyond that, I actually think that it will create opportunities for the entire ecosystem, not only for us but also for all French players. We have very good players in France, and it is necessary to pool our forces to effectively transform this at the service of France.

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