Thứ Hai, 26/04/2021, 16:12 (GMT+7)

Public should not be subjective in preventing and fighting COVID-19

ABO/NDO – The COVID-19 pandemic has caused worrying developments in many countries around the world, especially those in the region including India, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia, with a sharp increase in new infections and deaths per day.
According to expert analysis, subsequent outbreaks are usually stronger and more devastating than the previous ones. The epidemic situation has been worse than the peak of the outbreak in 2020 so that several cities in the countries had to re-impose blockades. The increase of COVID-19 infections in many countries is not only a warning but also applies pressure on the danger of a fourth outbreak in Vietnam. More than ever, the relevant ministries, agencies and localities are required to make appropriate and effective measures to prevent the epidemic.
The ministries, agencies and localities should immediately implement the Prime Minister’s Telegram on enhancing vigilance against epidemic risks; uphold the responsibility of the leaders and deploy drastically, synchronously and effectively the proposed anti-epidemic measures with the motto of “active prevention, early detection, fast quarantine, effective treatment, definitive settlement, and quick stabilisation of the situation”. Each agency and factory must boost the epidemic prevention and control measures under the guidance of the Health sector. The localities need to prepare scenarios to respond to epidemic, even in the context of COVID-19 spreading in the community, to avoid embarrassment or passivity. It is necessary to consider the exacerbating epidemic situation in other countries as a great lesson to prevent any further outbreak of the pandemic in the country.

The delegation of Ministry of Health inspect the COVID-19 prevention and control in Kien Giang province. (Photo: NDO).

Currently, the southwestern provinces, especially the southwest border provinces, have been warned of the very high risk of COVID-19 infections by the National Steering Committee for the prevention and control of COVID-19 and the Ministry of Health. Accordingly, the provinces should focus onimplementing measures to prevent the illegal entry across the border. In addition, the maritime patrol forces need to be strengthened towards the early detection of people entering illegally by sea. For the safety of the country, the functional forces need to strictly handle illegal entries.
Currently, the country has passed more than 30 days without any COVID-19 infection in the community. However, the risk of an outbreak rebound remains very high as the summer tourism season begins, many events and festivals are held, subjective psychology has appeared after such a long time without cases in the community, and many people do not want to vaccinate against Covid-19. Therefore, the localities must continue to maintain measures to prevent the epidemic such as health declaration, infection screening for high-risk groups and randomised screening tests to detect infections early. People, especially those in major urban areas, tourist sites and festivals, are recommended to apply the Ministry of Health’s “5K messages” - Khau trang (face mask), Khu khuan (disinfection), Khoang cach (distance), Khong tu tap (no gathering), and Khai bao y te (health declaration). The lesson in countries with complicated outbreaks showed that only one infection detected in a gathering event can cause great damage to society.
One of the successful lessons in the fight against COVID-19 in Vietnam over the past year has been the proactive and active participation of the people. However, during the past month without a COVID-19 infection in the community, the subjective factor has appeared. Many people do not wear face masks or implement the 5K message when they go out. The people’s actions in COVID-19 prevention and control will contribute to the victory over the pandemic. Therefore, the whole society together should strictly implement the regulations on epidemic prevention and control and the 5K message, of which wearing face masks and hand disinfection are the two most important steps.

(Source: NDO)