Instagram, one of the youngest social networks, turns 10

One billion people use this flagship of the Facebook galaxy every month. Launched on October 6, 2010, after Facebook, after Twitter, after WhatsApp, Instagram is one of the youngest social networks but also one of the most emblematic of our time. Temple of narcissism and consumer society, the application, born from the contraction of words instant camera et telegram, is the kingdom of influencers, those selfie professionals who are called Instagrammers and Instagrammers.

In the beginning, the peculiarity of Instagram were the square images, like the old Polaroid pictures. Then came the famous filters, effects intended to beautify photos. We can say that the social network has largely contributed to the boom in photo exchanges via smartphones.

Acquired by Facebook in 2012

The platform was bought by Facebook in 2012 for $ 1 billion (this is still less impressive than WhatsApp’s 16 billion two years later). The founders left the ship following differences of opinion with Mark Zuckerberg.

Today, Instagram has grown into a very lucrative brand. It is one of the most powerful levers for the Facebook group to make money through advertising. On the application, advertising is even appreciated by users who do not hesitate to follow brand accounts to stay informed of news. It has also become a direct marketing channel, especially for fashion, clothing, jewelry, accessories.

Threat of dismantling

But today this success could well become a problem. The Facebook group has become super powerful and we are starting to talk, including in the United States, of dismantling. The powerful FTC (Federal Trade Commission) could launch an antitrust lawsuit before the end of the year [destiné à limiter la concentration d’un marché entre les mains d’une société] against the American company and force the group of Mark Zuckerberg to separate from Instagram.

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