PowerZ, the video game that wants to make children want to open a book

The project is still in limbo but it has already received the support of prestigious investors, such as Pierre Kosciusko-Morizet (creator of Prime Minister) or Octave Klaba (OVH Cloud), as well as textbook publishers. PowerZ is intended to be a video game to learn while playing.

Emmanuel Freund, founder of PowerZ : We want to create the first edutainment program that children cannot leave when they are called to come to the table. Let education be a pleasure and a passion. It will look like an open fantasy world, with alchemists, magicians or mythical animals that the player can interact with in order to learn things, like doing math or learning history, without realizing it.

How do you respond to those who think screens make you silly?

I’ve been practicing screens all my life and I don’t think I’m completely dumb! We know that screens are harmful before the age of three and that their use by the youngest must be limited, but our video game will be the first one that will encourage them to open a book or go to a museum.

Who will PowerZ target?

PowerZ will be aimed at children from 5 to 12 years old. We hope that this will allow children in difficulty in particular to find the means to be able to follow.

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